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Case study

A Strategic View Leads to the Right Priorities


Our client, a multi-faceted financial services institution conducted several separate surveys among their customers to evaluate specific transactions conducted with different business lines. They used the results to perform service recovery and improve problem areas within the organization.

After finding it increasingly difficult to ‘move the needle,’ they turned to Phoenix MI for help. We recommended the client conduct a strategic survey to understand the overall strength of the business’ entire relationship with customers.


We designed a survey to assess overall customer perceptions about their brand and tie measures to strategic objectives.

We then integrated their transactional and strategic measures in a model that determined the impact of each transaction on key drivers of the overall experience. The model also assessed how the evaluation of a key driver then influenced brand and business outcomes.


Incorporating a strategic relationship study in their measurement program allowed the client to see what was most important to the entire customer relationship. They began allocating resources based on what would achieve the greatest customer impact and unified employees across business lines to better serve. This significantly improved the customer experience, creating bottom-line improvements across functional areas.

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