marketing-consulting Case Study

Three Line Extensions, One Research Project = Permission to Play?

The Client's Situation

A woman facing away from the camera with her hands on her long, wavy hair

The Campaign

Makeup brushes in a container and lying on their side

Approach + Solution

We determined the best way to analyze our client’s potential was to test each of the line extension concepts via online surveys, using a very detailed graphic-depiction of the package.

All product concepts targeted women, ages 18 and older, and product category usage was not a requirement for study participation. Each respondent evaluated two of the three concepts.


We set strict action standards for the test, which allowed us to clearly determine which of the three concepts would be moved to further development.

In order to pass the action standard, attractive concepts would achieve purchase interest ratings of 30% or higher for the top two box measurement, and would achieve uniqueness ratings of 40% or higher in the top two boxes measurement. Two of the three concepts reached these goals and moved to further development; the third failed to reach the action standards and was dropped.

Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.