customer-experience Case Study

Understand What Customer Types Are Leaving You, Why They Defect, Where They Go, and How To Stop It.

The Situation

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The Challenge

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Approach + Solution

We proposed a study involving a census of customers lost during the past six months and assessed reasons for leaving, the impact of controllable and uncontrollable factors in decisions, and where customers went after.

We also integrated internal data with survey results to create in-depth defector profiles of who was leaving and their characteristics, including profitability. Then, we developed an algorithm to identify which customers are at risk of defection within the current customer base. This was used to proactively flag potential defectors to the front line and central teams for action.


The client found they were able to address the major causes of loss and apply targeted recovery efforts that solidified relationships.

This allowed them to sharply reduce future defections among their most desirable customers.

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Final Word

Using your CX data with a primary research survey, you can identify which customers are at risk of defection and how to recover before they are lost. Creating algorithms to flag potential defectors to front line and central teams enables a seamless and cost-effective process to save valuable customers.
Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.