advertising Case Study

Understanding Brand Impressions of a New Product with Brand Effect Dimensions

The Situation

The Challenge

Approach + Solution

Phoenix recommended tapping into our new BE Dimensions solution to answer the client's specific questions about how the campaigns worked to shift consumer thinking about the brand on an intuitive, automatic level.
While Brand Effect focused on ad & brand breakthrough in-market, Dimensions was able to dig deeper underneath the surface into how exactly the ads worked to change the way consumers think about the parent brand.
In partnership with the client and agency, we reviewed campaign objectives and creative briefs to identify a set of attributes across four categories: social-emotional, functional, persuasion, and occasion.
Powered by Phoenix’s knowledge of ad exposures via our Brand Effect methodology, we measured how the campaign impacted associations with real-world, in-market exposures between exposed and control groups.


The study helped the client decide to continue to support the ads in future waves.

They were able to quantify and specify how the new brand supported the established parent brand. In areas where the new ads struggled to strengthen associations, the brand could support those gaps with other creative assets or future strategies. They also used results to increase investment and diversify their media mix for the campaign.

Final Word

Phoenix Brand Effect Dimensions was able to measure how exactly the campaign impacted consumer associations specific to campaign goals and consumer decisions.
Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.