customer-experience Case Study

Creative Analytics Illustrate the Mobile Journey for New Product Development Insight

The Client's Situation

iphone and apple watch sitting on a desk

The Challenge

woman on a smartphone

Approach + Solution

Phoenix MI determined that simply a traditional survey would not deliver the detailed information necessary to fully understand the consumer’s mobile journey.

Our client provided detailed mobile usage data for 1,200 users, including every time a phone was accessed, the applications utilized, and usage duration.
Phoenix MI’s analytics team conducted nodal and path analyses to uncover deep insights regarding phone usage, which were used to develop hypotheses that were tested and vetted via an online survey of mobile users.


Our client, its board and investors was able to gain a critical deep understanding of the overall mobile user journey.

This proved to be an important factor as they collectively set the strategic direction for new product development, customer acquisition and retention.

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Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.