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Case study

What is Premium Level Service?


A top-5 U.S. bank had established a special telephone call center for its premium level customers. To match service to customer expectations, our client needed to understand:

  • What customers wanted from the call center
  • If the call center experience differentiated the bank, and
  • How well the bank was positioned to meet premium level customers’ expectations

The IDIs uncovered expectations and measured experiences related to availability, knowledge, empowerment, and sociability. We evaluated customer expectations and the bank’s performance across the detailed components of each of these core areas.


From the analysis, we developed specific recommended performance requirements for components of premium-level service, such as immediate access to representatives, as well as call center representative qualities, such as empowerment to make exceptions.

As a result, our client implemented new system protocols and representative training programs to deliver the expected premium service levels to its customers.

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