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Case study

Which Machine? Solving Confusion with Multiple ATM's


One of the leading U.S. banks was experiencing customer confusion at sites with multiple ATMs. At those sites, some of the ATMs supported different functions (i.e., cash only vs. full service). The bank wanted to determine the size of the problem and to develop concise and effective signage that would resolve customer confusion.


The online survey confirmed that customer confusion was sufficient to require resolution. We vetted various signage options in qualitative research with customers and then tested various signage options with customers, using online surveys. A monadic study design was deployed to measure how well customers understood which specific transactions were supported by the various ATMs.

New signs were compared to current signage to show improved understanding (or lift) through a scoring process developed by Phoenix MI for this project.


As a result of the research, our client was able to develop an effective ATM naming and signage system that reduced customer confusion and increased satisfaction with the ATM experience.

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