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Customer Segmentation / Targeting

Helping a leading retail company expand into the Healthcare market and quickly build market share

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Creative & Copy Testing

Message testing for a new product launch

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Concept / Product Development

Exploring brand partnerships for a new co-branded product

Attitude & Usage / Market Landscape

Identifying market based needs and interests in a new target group

Customer Segmentation / Targeting

Measuring in-language vs. English only advertising and the impact of celebrities

Sponsorship Testing

Measuring the sponsor lift as a result of advertising

Advanced Analytics

Complex product needs research creativity to educate respondents

Product / Service Innovation

Predicting real world success for online sales

Customer Experience

Understanding the Mobile Journey through creative analytics

Concept / Product Development

Taking a consumer tech product into the professional market

Attitude and Usage / Market Landscape

Clinical materials on product efficacy significantly increased product interest

Loyalty & Satisfaction

Targeting increases purchase of guide leisure tours

Loyalty & Satisfaction

Evaluating Sustainability and CSR for Hotel Guests

Concept testing / Product Development

Understanding feature value informed successful card launch

Product / Service Innovation

In-person simulations increased client understanding of consumer reaction to video banking

Target Marketing

Research informs cross-selling strategies for short-term and longer-term sales

Concept / Product Development

Determining the potential for success of a new restaurant design

Concept / Product Development

Innovative study design leads to important insight into future urban transportation needs

Concept / Product Development

Evaluating line extensions for brand fit

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